Welcome to
Wirawa Estate Bungalow
your home away from home
A Beautiful home...
Nestled amidst a lush green backdrop...
Far from the madding crowd
private and secluded retreat ideal for families
Luxurious living spaces with a laid back ambiance
a unique appeal and quirks that make for a memorable stay....
Memorable times to cherish in our sublime garden...
a magical place where the beauty of nature intermingles with human interactions...
Panorama of the surrounding mountains...
ideal setting for a range of activities
Exhilarating enjoyment amidst natural surroundings...
a cool dip worth the five minutes trek...

Middle of nowhere

Wirawa provides a perfect backdrop for relaxation and reunion. Located amidst a tea plantation the bungalow is secluded and private guaranteeing the visitor a quite undisturbed holiday, far from the madding crowd.

Serene Environment

Waking up to the sounds of bird calls you could experience nature to its fullest the whole day through. Sit on the benches and observe the nature unfolding whilst engulfing oneself into a novel and sipping a cup of tea.  

Meals and Dining

You have the option of selecting your meal plans with the aid of an in-house cook. bring your own provisions and list out to our cook the preferred meals you would like to have for the whole duration.

Cleaning and house keeping

In-house services for cleaning, laundry and house keeping leaves the guest at ease of mind. while you have your fun and frolic you could request the in-house maid to to your cleaning and tidying.

Range of Activities

The more adventurous guests could find a range of activities ranging from trekking, mountain climbing, or simply taking a dip in the nearby streams. Other in-house sports activities in the spacious lawn and garden areas could be engaged by those who prefer not to venture far.

Excursions to attractions.

Various sightseeing attractions and off-the-beaten track adventures could be ventured by the guests who would like to explore the surroundings and longer excursions could be arranged to see the popular attractions of the hill country.

Private Rooms


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Excursions & Activities