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2 Nov

Asupini Ella Falls

Asupini Ella (waterfall) also called `Asupini Falls` is a beautiful waterfall that can be seen from the historic town of Aranayake. According to ancient tales, it was named after the story about a King who had many queens. On his return from war, he assured them that he would give them a sign from the hills about the fate of the war. He said, “If his soldiers waved a white flag over the hills, it would mean he was defeated and killed in action. But, if he waved his own flag bearing his crest, that he was victorious!

The King decided to play a joke on his wives, who were waiting with their horses near the waterfall to see the visual message, by waving a white flag. His wives were so upset that they all committed suicide by jumping over the falls which inspired the name Ahupini, which is derived from 'Aswaya' (Horse) and 'Pini' or 'Panina' (Jump) which combined means "the horses jumped over the falls".

A waterfall of about 30 m on the upper course of the Maha Oya. At the margin of a rock ledge there is a valley-break off with a height-difference of about 120 m. here the Maha Oyahas formed a waterfall surrounded by steep walls of rock and by jungle.

How to get there from Wirawa

A 6 km (15 Minutes) drive by any vehicle. Asupini Ella Falls is the easiest attraction to reach from the Wirawa Estate Bungalow.Guests could park the vehicle alongside a narrow road and take a short hike along a shrubbery path along a jungle area (1 km walk) to access a viewing point to see the majesty of the falls from a suitable distance). On the return back to your vehicle you could change into bathing attire and take a dip in the stream which precedes the rapids of the falls

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