Kandy Excursion

Located in the foothills of the central highlands around the banks of a picturesque lake, steeped in history, and possessing a salubrious climate, Kandy is Sri Lanka’s renowned second city. In many ways, however, Kandy is more important than the true capital, for although Colombo may be the hub of... Continue reading

Asupini Ella

https://youtu.be/fe8uIyC255Y Asupini Ella (waterfall) also called `Asupini Falls` is a beautiful waterfall that can be seen from the historic town of Aranayake. According to ancient tales, it was named after the story about a King who had many queens. On his return from war, he assured them that he would... Continue reading

Adam’s Peak

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsQx-bCwqb8 The 2,243 metre high peak - the island’s fourth highest, has a great significance for the four major religions of Sri Lanka.  The huge footprint at the summit is believed by Buddhists to be that of Lord Buddha (‘Sri Pada’), whilst believe it is the spot where Adam, from Christian... Continue reading